Tips for Ultimate Gaming Setup on a Budget

Learn how to design your dream gaming setup without draining your wallet. Explore smart strategies to build an epic gaming experience on a budget!

By Sehar Altaf 8 min read
Gaming Setup on a Budget

Gaming has become a popular pastime for many people, but setting up a gaming setup can be expensive. However, with some smart planning and budgeting, you can create an ultimate gaming setup without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss some tips for creating a gaming setup on a budget.

How To Set Up Your Workspace

When setting up your workspace, it's important to start with a strong foundation of quality furniture. While you don't necessarily need to invest in designer pieces or expensive office chairs, you do want to make sure that your furniture is durable and built to last. Here are a few tips for furnishing your workspace on a budget.

  1. Look for an affordable yet sturdy desk.
  2. For those who prefer an adjustable standing desk, consider looking for companies that are getting rid of their office furniture. You might be able to find quality standing desk legs at a great price and simply add your own tabletop for a customized look.
  3. When it comes to office chairs, consider buying second-hand from a reputable outlet. Outlets often offer quality brands at a fraction of the cost of buying new, and they typically provide a warranty to ensure the condition of the chair.
  4. Find out affordable shelving options, the BURHULT / SIBBHULT shelf combination from IKEA is a great choice. These shelves are simple yet sturdy and won't cost you a fortune.
  5. And when it comes to adding some personality to your workspace, consider printing your own posters. With a few frames of your choice, you can add a personal touch to your workspace without spending a lot of money.

How To Build Your Own Powerful Gaming PC

If you're a gamer, you might have considered purchasing a gaming laptop for your gaming needs. However, despite the advancements in technology, gaming laptops still come in larger sizes compared to productivity laptops, have poor battery life, and usually have dim displays, which makes them unsuitable for gaming on-the-go. Moreover, you may not get the best value for your money if you opt for a gaming laptop. Instead, you can consider a desktop, which can offer better gaming performance at a much better price. Additionally, it is easier to repair and upgrade, and it does not have a degrading battery.

Assembling your own PC might seem daunting, but it is not as challenging as you might think. There are numerous tutorials available on blogs and YouTube that can guide you through the process. By assembling your own PC, you can save money and enjoy the following advantages:

  1. You can choose from a wide range of products and get almost all parts on sale at some point.
  2. You can buy demo parts that are as good as new with the same warranty, just without the original packaging.
  3. You are not limited to store-specific brands. For instance, a PC store may collaborate with Asus, but a Gigabyte motherboard with the same features is 20% less expensive.
  4. You can customize your PC to your exact specifications, which means you don’t have to pay extra for features you don’t need.
  5. You can choose a PC case that looks really cool. Many of the most beautiful cases only come with the most expensive specifications if you purchase a pre-built PC.

By utilizing these advantages, you can assemble a PC and save compared to the cheapest PC store offering with equivalent performance.

When building your own PC, selecting a motherboard can be perplexing as there are numerous chipsets and features with small and challenging-to-remember names. However, most people only need the basics, and you do not require the excessively expensive extra features unless you are a real enthusiast and want to showcase your build. Make sure that the socket is compatible with your CPU and that it has the necessary slots for your other hardware, then select a quality brand, and you're done with the essentials.

Your graphics card is, by far, the most expensive part of your PC these days. Playing games at 1920×1080 resolution will save you a lot of money. This is because you can purchase a less powerful GPU, and you can manage with a less powerful CPU as well without it being a bottleneck. Furthermore, you can save money on your monitor because it only needs to support 1080p resolution. Purchase a smaller monitor because it will give you a sharper picture, with more pixels per inch of your monitor.

How To Save on Gaming Peripherals

When it comes to PC gaming, having the right peripherals is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. However, it's easy to overspend on these accessories without realizing it. To help you save money on gaming peripherals, here are some tips:

Firstly, wireless peripherals are convenient, but they can be pricey and not necessarily better than wired counterparts. Opting for wired keyboards, mice, and headsets can provide the same or even better quality peripherals while saving you more.

Secondly, RGB lighting is a non-essential feature that can increase the price of gaming peripherals. While RGB lighting can look cool and add to the immersion, it's not necessary for your peripherals to function properly.

Thirdly, if you're on a budget, a monitor with a VA panel is a good choice. While IPS panels may look slightly better, they are also more expensive. TN panels may offer higher refresh rates, but the picture quality is not as good. A VA monitor provides a good balance between picture quality, refresh rates for gaming, and affordability.

Lastly, it's important to remember that many of the extras seen on social media gaming setups are not necessary for a good gaming experience. While they may look impressive, they are not essential and can be costly.

How To Save on Games & Windows

It is crucial to have an operating system installed on your PC for it to function properly. For gaming purposes, Windows is the best option available in the market. Furthermore, having a collection of games is essential to fully enjoy your gaming setup, and it can also help you save money.

Different types of Windows licenses are available, which can be confusing. It is recommended to avoid purchasing your Windows license from local supermarkets or PC stores. Instead, consider buying the license from a legitimate digital store that acquires licenses in bulk but does not participate in Microsoft's official partner program. By doing so, you could save up to a lot as these stores are not bound by Microsoft's official pricing policies. After downloading the Windows installation to a USB, you can receive the license via email and enter it after installation.

Roblox vs Minecraft vs Fortnite
Comparing the world’s most popular games: Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite. See which is the most-played video game with best multiplayer experience.

New games can be quite expensive when they are first released, but they usually go on sale soon after. Knowing when new games tend to go on sale can help you determine how long you will need to wait for a discount. Keep in mind that just because a game is new, it does not necessarily mean it is better than older ones. For instance, games like The Witcher 3, GTA 5, and the Batman Arkham series are still very popular and are frequently discounted in digital stores.

While nothing is truly free, some games offer great gameplay without any upfront cost, with the option to purchase cosmetic upgrades. Games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Overwatch 2, Destiny 2, Lost Ark, Brawlhalla, Genshin Impact, Rocket League, and The Sims 4 are excellent examples. Moreover, you may come across full games available for free from time to time, which could be worth looking into.

Minimalist Workspace Idea - Image by Adam Wurster

Additional Tips For Gaming Set Up On A Budget

Prioritize Your Needs

Before you start purchasing equipment for your gaming setup, it's important to prioritize your needs. Make a list of the essential items you need for your setup, such as a gaming console or a high-performance computer. This will help you focus on the necessary items and avoid overspending on unnecessary accessories.

Buy Second-Hand Equipment

One of the best ways to save money on your gaming setup is by purchasing second-hand equipment. You can find great deals on websites like eBay or Craigslist, or even at local garage sales. Just make sure to thoroughly test the equipment before purchasing to ensure it is in good working condition.

Look for Sales and Discounts

Keep an eye out for sales and discounts on gaming equipment. Many retailers offer discounts during holiday seasons or special events. You can also sign up for newsletters or follow your favorite gaming brands on social media to stay updated on any sales or promotions.

DIY Your Accessories

Instead of purchasing expensive gaming accessories, consider making them yourself. For example, you can create your own gaming mousepad using a piece of fabric and a non-slip mat. You can also make your own headset stand using a coat hanger and some tape. Not only will this save you money, but it can also add a personal touch to your setup.

Optimize Your Space

When setting up your gaming area, it's important to optimize the space you have. This means utilizing every inch of your desk or gaming area to fit all your equipment. You can also consider using wall mounts or shelves to save space and keep your setup organized.

Invest in Quality Equipment

While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest equipment available, investing in quality equipment can save you money in the long run. Cheap equipment may not last as long and may need to be replaced more frequently, costing you more money in the long term. Do your research and invest in quality equipment that will last you for years to come.

Consider Alternative Options

If you're on a tight budget, consider alternative options for your gaming setup. For example, instead of purchasing a high-end gaming chair, you can use a comfortable office chair or even a bean bag. You can also use a TV or monitor you already own instead of purchasing a new one.

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By following these tips, you can create an ultimate gaming setup on a budget. Remember to prioritize your needs, look for sales and discounts, and invest in quality equipment. With some creativity and smart planning, you can have a best gaming setup on a budget.

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